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WATERTECH ENGINEERS offers a complete range of waste water treatment systems solutions. Either using conventional technologies or more modern membrane processes.

Ultrafiltration (UF) Plants

WATERTECH ENGINEERS UF plants are worked with empty fiber films, to cleanse surface or groundwater from suspended solids, colloids and all sort of small scale living beings, for example, microorganisms, infection, protozoa, germs and hatchlings. Ultrafiltration is likewise usually utilized as a switch osmosis plant pre-treatment. Physically working, water ultrafiltration is filtration framework by empty strands layers which has a cut-off of 0.01 µm. Our empty fiber layers have trimmed off equivalent to 0.01 µm whether 10,000 times less thin than a human hair. Every single littlest microorganism are held at fiber surface. Our ultrafiltration cartridge are comprised of thousands of empty filaments and discard a colossal filtration surface permitting critical stream rate of treatment for a minimal effort interest notwithstanding have the capacity to do smaller framework. The ultrafiltration permits to configuration water treatment station with a high stream rate of treatment and low weight needs (0.5 bars to 1.5 bars). This implies working expenses are low notwithstanding a low beginning speculation. Because of a potential outcomes to discharge the films, to high protection from substance and concoction agression and to a low weight require, UF layers have great life time.

Ultrafiltration Systems with Hollow-Fiber UF Membranes

Ultrafiltration (UF) film treatment frameworks are made to deliver clean, decontaminated water from different sources waters, including streams, lakes, modern lakes, optional gushing, admirably water, and seawater. UF filtrate is utilized for drinking water, utility water, recycled water, sustenance and refreshment creation, and pretreated source water for RO desalination systems.


  • Can be intermittently discharged and air scoured to enhance execution and expand working life by evacuating fouling layer
  • Dead-end or think drain stream capabilities
  • Excellent filtration execution with high flux
  • High concoction protection and temperature resistance for film cleaning
  • High expulsion effectiveness of microbes and viruses
  • Low fouling layer modules
  • Simple, vertical, secluded plan permits minimal effort, smaller systems
  • SS High weight segments, SS pump
  • Touch screen PLC operation
  • UF outside-in or back to front setup takes into account less stopping and higher solids stacking, higher stream territory and simpler cleaning
  • Very fine ostensible pore breadth (0.02 µm)


Ultrafiltration (UF) Systems are accessible in entire and slip mounted shape. These frameworks are tried before delivery.

Standard Equipment

  • 316SS Backwash Pump with VFD
  • 316SS Feed Pump with VFD
  • Automatic Valves for Feed Backwashing
  • Chemical Injection Pumps
  • Flow Transmitters: Filtrate and Backwash
  • Hollow Fiber UF Membrane Modules
  • pH Transmitter
  • PLC Operator Interface
  • Pressure Gages with Transmitters
  • Self-Cleaning Automatic Pre-filter
  • Solenoid Valve for Air Scour for O/I UF (Air Compressor Optional)


WATERTECH ENGINEERS Ultrafiltration Systems are accessible in two configurations:

Outside-In Configuration UF Systems: They utilize DOW UF low fouling Hydrophilic Polyvinylidenefluoride (H-PVDF) empty fiber ultrafiltration layers, and is prescribed for applications with nourish water higher than 150 ppm add up to suspended solids.

Inside-Out Configuration UF Systems: They utilize Inge dizzer® XL low fouling hydrophilic MPES empty fiber ultrafiltration layers. Dizzer XL UF films are given Multibore® innovation for unrivaled layer respectability (strong membrane).

Ultrafiltration Systems Using inge Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Modules

Multibore® Membranes: The licensed Multibore® layer innovation consolidates seven individual vessels in an exceedingly powerful fiber - a course of action that fundamentally builds film's steadiness and wipes out danger of fiber breakage. The layer gives a protected hindrance against suspended solids, microscopic organisms, infections and different microorganisms and supplies a reliably abnormal state of filtrate quality, even in situations where the sythesis of unique water varies.

Dizzer® Module: Compact and high-limit ultrafiltration. Because of an ideal hydrodynamic plan joined with treatment effectiveness of Multibore® film, dizzer® module sets new gauges in ultrafiltration technology.

T-Rack®: T-Rack® is an incorporated, ultra-smaller rack framework that is furnished with dizzer® XL ultrafiltration modules. The gulf and outlet lines are as of now incorporated in end tops - an outline highlight that makes framework's impression impressively smaller.

Systems Using Hydranautics HYDRAcap® Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Modules

HYDRAcap items contain slim fiber layer produced using a hydrophilic polyether sulfone, with an ostensible atomic weight cutoff of 150,000 Daltons. Bolster water enters the inside (lumen) of filaments and saturates through layer radially outward, creating a filtrate turbidity regularly under 0.07 NTU. The HYDRAcap modules in these frameworks are worked in directional stream (deadlock) strategy, where the greater part of the sustain water is changed over to filtrate. The ultrafiltration modules are frequently discharged to reestablish porousness, which decreases as solids develop on the layer. The pH resilience (1.5-13.0) of film takes into account expansion of chemicals for cleaning and artificially improved backwashing.

Systems Using DOW Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Modules

The DOWâ„¢ Ultrafiltration module uses a twofold walled empty fiber (hairlike) PVDF layer which has a little ostensible pore distance across for PVDF material that takes into account the expulsion of all particulate issue, microbes and most infections and colloids. In spite of the little pore measurement, the film has a high porosity bringing about a transition like that of Micro-Filtration (MF) and can successfully supplant MF as a rule. Frameworks outlined with DOWâ„¢ Ultrafiltration utilize an outside-in stream arrangement which takes into account less stopping, higher solids stacking, higher stream region and simple cleaning. The essential stream configuration is deadlock filtration yet the module can be worked utilizing a focus drain. Deadlock filtration utilizes less vitality and has a lower working weight than the focus drain, along these lines diminishing working expenses. Normally, DOWâ„¢ Ultrafiltration is worked at a steady penetrate stream. The trans-film weight (TMP) will normally increment after some time and the module can be cleaned occasionally by back flushing and air scouring to evacuate the fouling layer. Disinfectants and other cleaning operators can be utilized to completely expel and avoid execution misfortune because of organic development and also other foulants.


  • 0.03 μ ostensible pore breadth for evacuation of microscopic organisms, infections, and particulates including colloids to secure downstream procedures, for example, RO
  • Hydrophilic PVDF strands for simple cleaning and wettability that assistance keep up long haul performance
  • Outside In stream setup for high resistance to sustain solids that assistance decrease the requirement for pretreatment processes
  • PVDF polymeric empty filaments for high quality and concoction protection permits long film life
  • U-PVC lodging, wiping out the requirement for expensive weight vessels


  • Hollow fiber ultrafiltration system
  • Purification of surface water, groundwater and spring water to make drinking water and process water
  • Treatment of wastewater
  • Pretreatment in seawater desalination plants in mix with invert osmosis or warm treatment
  • Water for mechanical use to close water cycles and a wide assortment of other applications

Wall Mounted Ultrafiltration Systems

Designed to deliver clean, sanitized water from tap or well water, these divider mounted frameworks utilize high proficiency ultrafiltration layers. The sifted item water is utilized as a part of business and private POE/POU applications, for example, water stores, RO pretreatment, entire house, research centers, filtered water and other comparable applications.


  • Automated framework controller
  • Boxed and palletiz

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